What do you consider when looking at an agency that ultimately will have a substantial impact on your future goals and income? Top companies, relevant roles, corporate culture, knowledge of the industry, most innovative technology, a large network of clients, or possibly a recruiter who is willing to invest in all of these objectives. These are all important in varying degrees, depending on your priorities.

Our Relationship

When you establish a relationship with Larry Rosenthal & his recruiters, you will ultimately encounter a different recruiter than you have come across in the past. We are completely committed to finding you the role that will propel you forward in your career. We not only work with your short-term goals, but we also look at your long-term goals, depending on the path you choose. You will have a partner in making those important decisions with, a partner that will prepare you for the roles that you choose to pursue, and a partner that will have established a lifelong relationship throughout your career. We take great pride in the candidates we work with, and most importantly the relationships we have established.

Our Promise

We will never release your information to any company unless we have discussed the company and the opportunity. Your resume is your personal information and should never be released indiscriminately to any company.

Please contact us today to find out more about your career alternatives.

I have been working with LR Associates for over 20 years. I have found them to be honorable, honest, and reliable. Larry has found several positions throughout my career that have been interesting and profitable. I have referred several colleagues who have also had successful experiences.   I have no issues recommending LR & Associates for anyone seeking to improve their careers.
— David S.